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As your premier resource for home and commercial security, Liberty Environmental Management combines preeminent smart technology with skilled installers and highly trained security consultants to bring you the best attainable security for the people and property you are responsible for.

  • Smart home & doorway video monitoring & video chat
  • Exterior door locking from anywhere
  • Full line of security camera options
  • Firewalls to secure your internet from hackers
  • Expert security consultant on staff


Liberty Environmental Management is committed to the reduction of wasted energy. The technology to become more energy efficient and more fiscally responsible is available and we can install it in your home. See a drop in your energy bill through our energy saving controls

  • Smart thermostats can keep save you money, keep you comfortable, be remotely managed from anywhere and can even adjust themselves to your behavior.
  • Shade controls are a great way to ease the burden of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Interior lighting controls can also maximize energy efficiency
  • Energy suppliers offer incentives and rebates for energy efficient improvements


Let your home match your mood. Bring music to every room. By yourself or entertaining guests, affordable to extravagant, we can maximize the comfort and quality your home has to offers.

  • Whole House Audio Installation and Wireless Control.
  • Dedicated 4K Home Theaters with Seating.
  • Living Room Entertainment Upgrades.
  • Design Layout Consultation.


When the weather is nice and everyone wants to be outside, will you be ready?.

  • Waterproof Audio Systems
  • Planter and Rock Speakers
  • Direct Underground Sub Woofers
  • Year Round Waterproof Televisions
  • Outdoor wifi access points
  • Controlled by a remote or smart device
smart home installations

Our homes are our signature environments and they can be what we make them. Smart security and other smart home automations are both affordable and available. It’s worth your time to speak to our experts about retrofitting your existing space or smart planning prior to your build.

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  • Gives you total control in the palm of your hand
  • Simple and easy to use - even your kids could use it
  • Gives you visual security feed directly to your remote
  • Allows you to program total home settings for all occasions
  • Are more affordable than you might think


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