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Liberty understands that maintaining the safety and security of your most precious environments is paramount.  As a parent, as an employer, as a property owner, you are a protector and it is your duty to keep others safe from harm or injury.  As your premier resource for home and commercial security, Liberty Environmental Management combines preeminent smart technology with skilled installers and highly trained security consultants to bring you the best attainable security for the people and property you are responsible for. 

Liberty's Very Own Security Specialist:    

Who would you want to consult?

Liberty Environmental Management is proud to announce our new security specialist now on staff.  Our expert has served in the Marine corps, US Army Special Operations and worked as a private contractor for OGA (Other Government Agencies) protecting government and diplomatic personnel and facilities in high risk, high threat environments.  He has 30+ years of safety and security experience having spent 2 years in Iraq and 7 years in Afghanistan.

Our security assessment includes but is not limited to:

  • Exterior/Interior Coverage
  • Grounds Coverage
  • Landscaping Techniques
  • Avenues of a Predator
  • Ancillary Security Measures  
  • Personal Protection Techniques
  • Firearms Training

Let the experts at Liberty think through the your security issues so you can have peace of mind.

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