Intro to Modular Home Construction

Although prefabricated, each design is different and custom.  Our predesigned models are starting points, then they’re totally customized. They’re not one size fits all; no two are the same.

Built in a climate controlled, state-of-the-art factory each phase of construction is inspected by a 3rd party.  Those units are then transported to your site and permanently affixed to your foundation, meeting (and in most cases) exceeding local building codes and regulations. In addition, our homes are packed with green technology, systems and technologies.  These systems can potentially save money as well as energy and are environmentally conscious.

According to the Modular Home Builders Association, speed also can add up to savings, with prices potentially 15 percent less than site built homes. Modular construction can also save 30 to 50 percent of the time needed to build a new home, typically two to three months less than conventional construction, say association estimates. That means potential savings in interest paid on construction loans. There’s also half the waste of a typical home build, which means savings in materials and disposal costs. Cost overruns are virtually unheard of in the modular industry. As mentioned above, climate controlled factories ensure there are no weather related construction delays. In addition, there are no cost overruns from "no-show subs" (as may often be the case with a site built home). Finally, because of the volume of homes a typical manufacturer builds in a year, additional savings occurs through volume purchasing of materials and yearly buying contracts with suppliers.

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