Reasons to Rent a Generator


Power outage

Wintertime is the most likely time to experience blackouts. Having generator rentals available can be invaluable to a homeowner. This temporary power solution can help to mitigate the effects of a blackout. Wintertime is not the only time bad weather arises that causes power outages. Hurrican season is another time when strong storms pop up.

Try before you buy

What generator do you need for your job site or home? What load and power is best for your needs? How much are you willing to pay for that first installation? What if you have to bring it back? There’s no reason to leave these questions only partially answered by purchasing a generator you’re unsure about.

Saving money

Another reason to rent a generator from a top provider is that it can often be cheaper to rent instead of buy. If you only need a generator for a short-term event or project, you don’t want to sink the entire cost of a new generator and then have it sit. Savings also extends to maintenance, storage and transport of your generator. Generators require maintenance, even if they’re sitting unused. Saving this money means you can target more jobs, no matter what size they are.

Less Maintenance and Downtime

Generators you own need to be serviced by technicians, and that means increased costs for your workforce and repair parts. When you’re renting generators, you’re getting the best in terms of well-maintained machines and the latest in high-performance. You’ll be getting nothing less than the best and most reliable brands in the industry as well.

Tailgating/Camping/Hunting Trips

Adding power to your tailgate opens so many possibilities. During the hot weather, you can run fan to keep the party cool or when it’s cold, turn on that portable heater. Adding lights will help you tailgate late into the night. Here is the gamechanger, with the help of the portable generator you can plug in your TV (plus HDTV antenna) and you have live access to the big show!

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