National Bath Safety Month

It is important to note that safety is important when it comes to bathrooms. In fact, a bathroom lacking safety features is one of the most dangerous places in a home.

Bathroom falls and injuries can easily be prevented if you take the proper precautions.

In honor of National Bath Safety Month, we would like to share a few safety tips.

  • Installing non-slip strips or mats in the bottom of your bathtub will greatly improve your safety in the tub.
  • Install grab handles to ensure safe exit from the tub.
  • Be aware of objects with sharp edges. Use a rubber cover for the faucet head and drape a towel over metal rails on shower doors.
  • Wait for the tub to finish filling and test the temperature of the water before you or your child get in the water, as the temperature can change.
  • Keep toiletries within arm’s reach of you. This includes soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, deodorant, etc. It’s best not to have to reach for something especially if you’re in the bathroom where everything can be wet.
  • Keep your bathroom floor and path you take to the bathroom clean and free of objects at all times. Also, a night light will help you see better in the middle of the night.

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