5 Reasons for Having a Generator

5 Reasons for Having a Generator - Operation EPIC

Think a power generator is just for wintertime? Think again.

Spring and Summer can bring bad weather, too. Hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and flooding can bring power outages as well.

  1. Business owners: minimize down time.

A backup generator is a great power source in an emergency for a business. What happens to your backup digital storage when the power goes out? A business generator may save you from losing a whole lot of data.

  1. Keep sump pumps on - help avoid flood damage.

Is flooding a concern in your house or business? Backup generators power your sump pump during the heaviest downpours.

  1. Keep food from spoiling

Throwing food out is like throwing money out the window. A generator can keep your refrigerator running preventing your food from spoiling.

  1. Keeping lights on to ease children during an outage

Generators keep lights on through the power outage so your family has one less thing to worry about.

  1. Generators give you peace of mind

If you are dependent on life-sustaining equipment that requires electricity, you cannot be without power.

Of course, there are many more reasons. These are just the top 5.

Portable generators are a welcomed addition to many activities at home, work, and away. In an emergency, portable generators can provide critical backup power. They make camping and tailgating more comfortable. Contractors also appreciate the flexibility portable power brings to the jobsite. Call 800-559-3559 to discuss the many options, stop by our Information Center to speak with one of our specialists, or browse our full range of generators for sale. Liberty is now a authorized Generac Dealer and Service Center.

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