Mega Sampler Pack


Sample Pack of 183 Freeze Dried/Dehydrated Emergency Storage Foods

The emergency food storage MEGA Sample Pack from Legacy Premium allows you to sample every item on our menu and experience fresh, quality ingredients that have been dehydrated or freeze dried for long-term storage. Legacy food storage has many delicious options and offers the lowest cost per 2,000-calorie day. Enjoy all of our 100% Certified Non-GMO Breakfasts, Lunch/Dinner entrees, Side Dishes, Drink Mixes and Coffee. Add water to prepare these freeze dried or dehydrated foods/mixes and feed your family nutritious, flavorful meals.

This emergency pack is filled with 183 emergency storage servings that have been dehydrated or freeze dried. Legacy emergency food storage tastes great and is simple to prepare. Sample storage foods are packed airtight in Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and a nitrogen flush. The pouches are then packed in re-sealable buckets; open and close the buckets without affecting the shelf life of the freeze dried and dehydrated foods.

The Legacy emergency sample pack provides a variety of dehydrated and freeze dried storage foods. Try out our 4 breakfast options; sample each of the 19 lunch and dinner entrees. Experience the 6 different side dish options and the 3 types of drinks

The 183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack from Legacy Premium includes 4 different breakfasts (16 servings total), 19 different entrees (76 servings total), 6 side dishes (24 servings total), 2 drink mixes (32 servings total), and coffee (35 servings total). For nutritional information on each meal, please scroll down to the "Nutritional Information" section below.


Nine Grain Cereal Mix(4 Servings)
Maple Oatmeal With Brown Sugar(4 Servings)
Strawberry Creamy Wheat(4 Servings)
Old Fashioned Pancake Mix(4 Servings)

Italian Pasta with Marinara(4 Servings)
Pasta Alfredo
(4 Servings)
Pasta Primavera (4 Servings)
Enchilada, Beans, and Rice (4 Servings)
Stroganoff (4 Servings)Cheese & Broccoli Bake (4 Servings)
Hawaiian Style Sweet 'n' Sour
(4 Servings)
Creamy A La King (4 Servings)
Vegetable and Rotini Pasta (4 Servings)
Chili Mac (4 Servings)
Macaroni and Cheese (4 Servings)
Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix (4 Servings)
Cheesy Potato Soup Mix (4 Servings)
Vegetable and Rice Soup Mix (4 Servings)
Potato Soup Mix (4 Servings)
Spicy Corn Chowder Soup Mix (4 Servings)
Southwestern Soup Mix (4 Servings)
Classic Chili Mix (4 Servings)
White Bean Chili Mix (4 Servings)

Strawberry Slices (4 Servings)
Freeze Dried Banana Chips (4 Servings)
Instant Mashed Potatoes(4 Servings)
Parboiled Rice(4 Servings)
Refried Beans(4 Servings)
Green Beans(4 Servings)

USDA Grade "A" Powdered Milk(16 Servings)
Chocolate Milk(16 Servings)
Medium Roast Ground Coffee(35 Servings)

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