Deluxe Vegetable Garden Non-Hybrid Seed Mega Kit


This kit contains seeds for 24 vegetables that you can plant in your garden to grow your own high-quality non-GMO food. This well-packaged kit can be store as part of your survival seed supply for the long term, ensuring germination of over 80% after 5 years and over 50% after 15 years. These vegetables are easy to grow in nearly any region of the United States and produce nutrient rich produce.   

The seeds are packaged to ensure long shelf life so when you're ready you can have a large fresh supply of fresh vegetables right in your own garden. Seed varieties are sealed separately in triple-layer Mylar packaging to ensure that they come alive easily once you are ready to start planting.

The deluxe vegetable garden seeds kit includes the following seed varieties, with over 8000 seeds, as well as a detailed Growing Guide:

deluxe garden kit seeds

SKU: PS0005